M E N W H O S W A L L O W  R U L E S 
Please edit your replies. Quoting too much of the message that you are 
replying to can hinder communication.  
Stay on-topic as much as possible (this does not mean NO off-topic 
messages, but try and keep them in the forum 
designed for these types of messages.). 
No Flaming. 
No Spam
No "professional" type photos, only self photos
No Attachments. 
No sharing "cute" jokes
No Virus Warnings
No Zip Files
If a moderator asks you to drop a thread - please drop it. 
Please read messages sent by MODERATOR. 
If you feel a Forum member was out of line in a message, notify the
moderator. Let them handle this; it's part of the job!
Here are more details on the Menwhoswallow Forum Rules: 
1. I understand that we all have things that we feel very 
strongly about, as well as our own "hot buttons." If the discussion 
gets heated, please try to avoid flaming (personal abusive attacks 
intended to incite, degrade, make fun of another person or their 
ideas with no positive outcome. Additionally, flaming of the
moderator, either on or off list for their actions on the list, is not
2. SPAMMING is not allowed. SPAM is loosely defined here as sending 
unsolicited e-mail -- either commercial or advertising other lists or 
web sites, etc.  
3. Decisions by the list moderators are final and abiding. If any of
the list moderators tell you to drop a topic, please do so. 
4. No Advertising of any kind that involves money. No selling, no promoting any 
  product or personal web site for monetary gain. If you would like to advertise, see the owner to 
  see about buying space!
4a. We are aware that many of our members are owners and 
operators/moderators of their own Forums; As such, I understand 
how proud you are of your Forum(s), and wish to inform others of your 
status in your signature line. However, please keep it brief and 
pertinent, avoid repetition, and keep your signature line to a 
5. Any problems which deal specifically with Menwhoswallow should be
sent to the Forum Moderator only. 
Some examples of this would be: SPAM you received off Forum which you 
feel originated by a Menwhoswallow member; problems using the Menwhoswallow website; 
off Forum flaming by a member of Menwhoswallow, etc. 
6. Menwhoswallow is not a picture Forum. Please don't include any "hot" photos 
you found on the net. However, we do enjoy seeing photos of guys on the Forum. 
Feel free to send you own photos, "G" or "XXX" rated. You can post photos of yourself 
in your personal ads.
Suggestions for improvements to the Forum should be sent to the "owner"
address listed above. 
This is the latest version of these rules. These rules 
supersede any prior rules you might have received. 
Your Forum Moderator